Hi, I’m Amy Jacobowitz.

I’m a creative, writer, editor, and strategist.

Currently I lead content at Josephmark.

Before that I headed up content at a few stellar startups, namely Skillshare, Getaway, and Common. And even before that, I built the content division over 4 years at Funkhaus, and started this whole career shebang in PR at 180LA and Raconteur.

Ask me and we can talk about that short film I made in Qatar, or my new favorite recipe, or my dog, Travis Barker.

I’m happiest when I’m helping good people make their creative visions a reality.

Is collaboration a love language?

You can follow me on Instagram.

Or send me an email at amyjacobowitz@gmail.com.

You can find my resume here, my portfolio there, and a fun way to lose some time over yonder.

I’m loosely considering penning a serialized newsletter. Join the list here.


Thanks for visiting.

Here’s a photo of my dog.