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Head of Content


Getaway is a hospitality startup offering tiny cabins in nature 2 hours outside of major cities. Notably all cabins are wifi-free and encourage thoughtful disconnection from devices, routines, and the pressures of our city lives.

I joined the Getaway team to head up content and brand initiatives while the company tripled in size. A few of those are outlined below, but in my time there, I drove editorial, developed brand messaging, led thought leadership, wrote speeches, managed social media, oversaw influencer strategy, wrote UX copy and advised on information architecture changes, developed and executed events across the country, led partnerships and press efforts, produced a podcast, ideated collateral (including a very fun afternoon writing mad libs), and wrote all ad creative including social ads, Google AdWords, and landing pages.

Brand Messaging

Getaway’s initial message was a simple one that hinged on a new trend: test drive a tiny house in the woods. To grow the company from its regional influence to a national stage, we wanted to convey the full depth of the experience. We landed on an equally simple but much more impactful sentence: Escapes to Nature that Empower You To Be Off.

To give “be off” legs, we began incorporating it into social messaging, email language, and general talking points around the company, and gave it a pillar to stand on through defining it for our community. I had a fun hour writing out all of the various ways we can and choose to (and sometimes choose not to) be off.

Go To Market Strategy


Until 2019, Getaway was regional to the Northeast. We were looking forward to a year in which we would triple in size, and while by all measures Getaway was and is a success in its established cities, we were faced with a big question: how do we take that success to the rest of the country?

Working hand-in-hand with the growth team, I developed email and social campaigns to highlight a promotion for the first week of booking, including developing content around hikes to explore in the area, road trips to take nearby, and reviews of Getaway, that were distributed across website, email, and landing pages. We launched an influencer and press strategy to ensure that we had stays that would build brand awareness in our earliest weeks. Tactically, I launched our new cities presence on our website, and led written efforts across platforms.

I developed an events strategy inspired by elements of a Getaway right in your city. In every new city, we would host 6-8 exercise classes (after all, don’t you tuck your phone away for an hour and focus on being present every time you go to yoga?), requiring those local partners to publicize us across their owned channels. We also hosted an influencer happy hour and hosted 30+ influencers in each market, who were each encouraged to post from the event, and were gifted a stay (and a unique promo code so we could track success).

Lastly for my favorite part, I was inspired by the “surprise and delight” aspect of going on a Getaway, to create something I call the “golden ticket.” We teamed up with 8-10 local stores of significant influence on Instagram (20K+ followers) to hide a bandana in their store. Along with those shops, with dedicated local followings, we would tease clues on where to find the bandana. The first one to find and post would win a free Getaway.

Collectively, these events across cities drove millions of impressions, and encouraged strong occupancy across all new markets.

The Getaway Podcast: Season 2


The first season of The Getaway Podcast was produced about 2 months before I started with the company, and features interviews with professionals seeking to provide more balance in the world.

In our second season, we wanted to look inward, to share some of the stories that were evolving right at our Outposts, with our own guests. We would hear these stories in deeply resonant feedback from our guests - a couple who resolved marital differences over the campfire, a couple who broke up, an artist who found a creative spark, a woman whose identity was transformed after spending some time away from her day-to-day life.

I produced the second season of our podcast, uncovering these guest stories and ordering them into 20-40 minute episodes under specific themes that mirror the core elements of the Getaway experience: transformation, creativity, relationships, nostalgia, and wellness. The result was a second season that showcased where Getaway shines the most: in unlocking small moments of magic in all of us during time spent in nature. The episodes released in early 2020, and will serve as evergreen content for Getaway for guests to listen to on their road trips out to the Outpost, or simply to bring them back to that special weekend they spent in nature when they need the reminder most.


Content Director

Common is the nation’s leading coliving provider, offering ready-to-move-in rentals by the room across the country. Common homes come with everything you could need - fully furnished, weekly cleaning included, wifi and amenities provided for, and technology forward - and a robust community to boot.

I joined the Common team in 2017 to lead up content marketing, under the SVP of Marketing. During my time with the company, I led social and editorial strategy, UX content, photo and video shoots, naming, and ran point on all creative around growth marketing initiatives. My content strategy honed on in simple turns of phrase that would be inviting to new members - “living at Common means you’re always invited and never obligated,” and hinged on member stories wherever possible. I developed close relationships with many of our members, and relied on their incredible insights as Common’s current and best customers, to inform content initiatives and often provide highly impactful UGC, at little to no cost to the company.

Among my favorite projects at Common are leading content strategy and UX writing for their very first community-oriented app and launching live video tours on social media.

The Hollywood Roosevelt



Built in 1927, The Hollywood Roosevelt is a Los Angeles icon, once home to stars like Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable, situated along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

The Hollywood Roosevelt’s parent company, Journal Group, wanted to pay tribute to the hotel’s storied legacy, while creating a space to showcase all of its modern amenities and happenings, rooms, bars, restaurants, and beyond.

In collaboration with the team at Funkhaus, I developed creative strategy to drive business and increase user engagement through compelling copy. From the user’s first interaction with the site, the copy sets a scene that reflects the hip-yet-timeless aesthetic of the hotel. Along with my team, we wrote every piece of copy on the site, from CTAs designed to invite users to engage with various event spaces in the hotel, to room detail pages, to their own cultural platform, Teller.


Editorial Director


Scoundrel is a print publication that features individuals who approach their craft with originality and celebrates the cultural and artistic interests of its publisher, Funkhaus.

In 2015, I set out to create a piece of printed matter that represented our renegade sensibilities, witty voice, and refined design. The name came to me during a public reading of the script of The Empire Strikes Back, when Han Solo says to Princess Leia, “You like me because I’m a scoundrel. There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life.”

There are in fact not enough scoundrels in this life, but our magazine sought to highlight a few. I contributed words to the magazine and acted as editorial director for a first issue that includes interviews with activist/model Ollie Henderson, Perfect Pussy singer Meredith Graves, Sang Bleu founder Maxime Buchi, as well as photography from David Black, Devyn Galindo, Scottie Cameron, and Fred L’Ami.

W Hotels


W Hotels, Intel, Vice, and Roman Coppola’s production company The Directors Bureau sought a content-forward, collaborative approach to marketing a new computer alongside some of the finest hotels in the world. They created a simple brief and opened up the Four Stories challenge to writers around the world: create a 10-minute short script including an Intel computer and a W Hotel location, and four would be selected for production at hotels worldwide.

Over a thousand writers submitted scripts, and mine was chosen to be produced at the W in Doha. Starring Robert Schwartzman (The Princess Diaries) and Naomi Scott (The Martian), and directed by Lee Toland Krieger (Celeste and Jesse Forever, The Age of Adaline), the script follows two 20-somethings as they embark on the next step in their long-distance online courtship: meeting in person for the first time in Qatar.

We shot the film over a week in Doha, and Modern/Love premiered at red-carpet events in Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong. The film ran in hotels throughout the year, and received nearly three million views on YouTube. The Four Stories campaign received 33 million views, 18 million earned media impressions, and 1 billion social media impressions.

The Lift

Creative Content Lead at Funkhaus

The Lift 1

The Lift is Mexico’s premier production and production services company. They are experts in every facet of filming, and just about every square inch of the city. With a cemented reputation in the country, they sought my services to elevate their global standing and look toward the future of the company.

Over the past several years that I have been working with The Lift in collaboration with Funkhaus, we have developed content strategies aimed at engaging with current and potential clients, showcasing the infinite possibilities of shooting in Mexico, and illuminating their expert-yet-joyous approach to work. Our project began with an immersive session in Mexico, where the client took us all around the city to delight in luchadores games, mezcal tastings, fish tacos, drag shows, artisanal markets, and everything in between. With a sense of the city they call home, I executed content strategy and measured success through pointed analytics that we continue to evolve to include blog posts, printed collateral, social media strategy, and strategic email marketing sends.

Storytellers Series

Creative Director

The Storytellers series was concepted during my time as Content Director at boutique PR firm Raconteur in Los Angeles. Raconteur literally translates to storyteller, and storytelling is their approach to telling their clients’ stories, from individual pieces of work to company launches, and much more.

Our first set of stories came by way of individuals contributing to the ever-changing cultural landscape of Los Angeles. I was inspired by Paige Smith (A Common Name), who creates beautiful, complex geodes out of ordinary paper and spray paint, and implants them in decaying walls or crevices. I happened to notice one such installation near a coffee shop in the Arts District, and emailed Paige to see if she wanted to tell her story with us.


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